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Wings To Go History

Wings To Go, a name synonymous with Award Winning Buffalo Wings and Sauces, offers you 19 different mouth watering flavors to tantalize your taste buds!

Wings To Go has been cookin' up and serving hot wings since 1985...over one billion wings served and we are still serving the best authentic buffalo wings in the nation.

We are a family! Bert and Valerie and the three girls Kimberly, Nicole, and Jillian run our two locations in PA. There are currently EIGHT WTG grandchildren ranging from 14(Now working with us as well) and the youngest just 6 months old! Yes we have our hands full!

We can honestly tell you that we take pride in every single thing we do. We are not a big corperate Business. Every time you write a review we see it, you call, we answer it. We take it very personally and we do our very best to always make our wrongs right. We are huge believers in being KIND. Always. 

Our staff is an extension of our family! The three girls were raised to work work work, and our employees truly amaze us everyday with their work ethic. We are known for getting our employees when they are just 16 and they work with us until they go to College. Truth be told we have a bunch that come back and work with us on breaks from school too! We really treasure the relationships we build.

Here at Wings to go we LOVE to help out our community and hold fundraisers as much as we can! We have held fundraisers for everything from Breast Cancer awareness to Pennsbury High school Band!

Fairless Hills Team

Feasterville Team